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Affordable Storage Gold Coast

Gold Coast Storage Modules - Self Storage

Coastline Removals & Storage provide the most cost-effective and efficient storage solution period in Australia.

How our storage works:

1. We load our specialised truck with 1-4 storage modules.

2. We travel to your pick up location. 

3. Load your goods straight into our storage modules (using our padded blankets - free of charge). 

4. Lock our storage modules with your own padlock/s.

5. Return to our warehouse.

6. Unload the module/s with our specialised forklift. 

Note: Our storage solution does not involve unloading/loading the goods as you need to when storing the conventional way (storage sheds, containers). 

Our solution saves yourself a lot of money and time. 
Easy, stress-free and no added wear and tear on double handling your furniture. 


We are so confident of our storage solution, that we see Storage Modules taking over the self-storage industry. **STORAGE OF THE FUTURE**  - Watch this space!

Please fill out the below form to enquire about our self-storage - storage modules - storage sheds.

Our storage modules are:

Safe & Secure

Clean & Watertight

Pest Controlled

Fire Controlled

CCTV Monitored

Gated Entry 

We have a NO lock-in contract, rented out weekly or monthly. We only require 2 weeks notice when terminating your agreement. 


For any more information please contact one of our friendly staff members on 07 3053 5620 or 0401461674.

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